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Bread Tray No: 2 DYNA_RAV_BT2

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Food Trays <div>Bread Tray No: 2 DYNA_RAV_BT2</div>
This is a large, ventilated bread tray, which has durable construction, smooth hygienic surface, moulded in food grade polypropylene. It holds 15 loaves and is stronger than the BT1 tray. Stackable and nestable via a 90 degree turn when not in use. 100% recyclable. Prices for colour are available on request. 

External Dimensions (mm): 790 x 615 x 165 mm
Internal Dimensions (mm): 730 x 575 x 150 mm
Materials: Food Grade Polypropylene
Load: 15 x 800g loaf
Colours: Standard Colours
Any plastic crate and product specification statements are based on manufacturing testing procedures, and are given in good faith. Your applications may vary from test conditions..

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